A New Way Home

John Dalrymple and Frances Brown speak about their work with Radical Visions in Scotland and their guide A New Way Home.

John Dalrymple and Frances Brown are the Directors of Radical Visions. Their guide A New Way Home, published by the Centre for Welfare Reform, sets out the principles and practical work necessary to get people from institutional care into homes of their own. The guide is based on decades of practical experience and offers a framework that can be applied universally.

John and Frances spoke about their work and the new guide in this webinar.

Radical Visions are a change agency, based in Scotland and working towards the full inclusion of disabled people, the end of institutional care and the proper implementation of self-directed support. Radical Visions is a member of Citizen Network and works in a close partnership with the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Callum's life was in crisis because of support that was badly designed and not helping him to pursue his own goals and ambitions. He and his family tell of their journey to a better life based on making creative use of an Individual Service Fund and thoughtful service - designed just for him.

Hughie tells his story, how he left institutional care and established himself as a citizen in his own community.

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The webinar was recorded on 29th April 2021.