Radical Visions is a founder member of the global cooperative Citizen Network and receives support for its work from several partner organisations.

Citizen Network

Citizen Network believes we are all citizens, we are all equal and we each have a valuable contribution to make. Citizen Network is a cooperative bringing people together, from all around the world, to support each other to create a world where everyone matters. You can join this global movement here.

ENABLE Scotland

ENABLE Scotland is Scotland’s largest charity representing the interests of men, women and children with learning disabilities. Founded in 1954 it celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2019. The charity works to assert the human rights of people with learning disabilities at home and abroad and campaigns on a diverse range of issues including accessible transport, inclusive education, voting rights, the recognition of self-advocacy and deinstitutionalization.

ENABLE Scotland has been a close ally and strong supporter of Radical Visions since its inception and is our founding partner in the promotion of the Radical Visions for Social Care platform. Find out more about ENABLE Scotland here.